France Road Trip

September 27 2011

Great holiday driving through France, the highlight being Aix-en-Provence down near Marseille. We stayed just 10 minutes walk from the heart of this lively city with tree-lined boulevards, squares and fountains everywhere! A labyrinth of streets with architectural elegance.
Went to a wonderful exhibition at Musee Granet – the collection of Jean Planque (1910-1998) who through his lifetime, working for the Beyeler Gallery in Switzerland, collected many masterpieces and met the artists who painted them – Cezanne, Picasso, Klee, Dubuffet and other less well known artists. He was very inspired by the creators of his time and particularly so through his meetings and discussions with them. For me it was fascinating to see works by the artists that are not the most well known artworks – the ones that didn’t sell through the gallery so Planque was able to acquire them for his own collection.
We also visited Jaz de Bouffan – house of Cezanne’s father, and L’Atelier de Cezanne – the artist’s studio that he built in 1901. We could see the studio as it was with the furniture and objects that Cezanne used in many of his still-life paintings. For me just fascinating to see for myself the countryside as Cezanne would have done and what he drew from his surroundings. To see the mountain – Montagne Sainte-Victoire that inspired so many paintings.

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