Caribbean Commission

February 19 2011

Just completed a commission for a painting of a Caribbean seascape.  The client had seen images on-line of seascapes based on a trip to Antigua. It’s a lovely commission because the painting is to be a special birthday gift.  Also, I needed to complete this painting in a very short timeframe.  It was a challenge but I did it, and it all worked out really well.  The time pressure was actually a great focus.  The client was delighted when I delivered the painting, so job well done!

Paul Hobbs – “Between the Image and the Flame”

February 18 2011

Went to an exhibition in Christ Church, Cambridge – “Between the Image and the Flame” – celebratory abstracts and works that consider contemporary social issues in the light of biblical values.  My daughter had visited the exhibition with her school earlier in the week and seemed to be rather inspired, so I was keen to see for myself!  So we went together for a further look. The painting and sculpture is by Paul Hobbs.  It was really interesting.  The different works had a lot of background to the intended meanings, and how that might relate to Christian belief, faith, etc. Absolutely fascinating and thought provoking.

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